Deborah Hamilton Paralegal Professional Corporation 
Deborah Hamilton has been providing affordable legal services to the Hamilton and surrounding area for more than 20 years.  Deborah has had the opportunity to work alongside many legal professionals in the community. Her commitment to efficient and dependable service has always been a priority to her clients. Hamilton Paralegal has experience in a wide variety of legal services including Divorces and Separations, Wills/Power Attorneys, Business Incorporations and Criminal Pardons and defending Traffic Tickets.

Deborah and her staff are licensed members of the Law Society of Upper Canada and are licensed Mortgage Specialists.

The strength of Hamilton Paralegal Group is our people.  Our lawyers have a diverse range of practice which include Family Law, Litigation, Real Estate, Accidents, Employment and Small Claims matters.  Thier talent and expertise allows us to continuously deliver superior legal advice to our clients.

Our people come from many backgrounds, but are joined by shared values that uphold an inclusive and respectful workplace that is committed to providing dependable service at affordable and competitive rates. 


The information on this website is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon for legal advice. We recommend a consultation in person to assess your case and allow us to give the best advice possible.

Information on this website is a summary or rules, regulations.  Updated information will be provided at the initial consultation session.

Do not submit personal documents in your original correspondence.

No services can be performed without a client agreement/retainer being completed and signed.

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